"Scripture and the Authority of God" by N.T. Wright

On this episode of Too Many Books, we review "Scripture and the Authority of God". After reading "Evil and the Justice of God" by N.T. Wright a little while back, Jack wanted to dive back into another work of his to try and better understand N.T. Wright's thought process when it came to Biblical authority and interpretation.

Notable Quotes:

"Thus, before there was any "New Testament," there was already a clear understanding in early Christianity that "the word of God," to which the apostles committed themselves when refusing to engage in extra administrative duties (Acts 6:1-4), lay at the heart of the church's mission and life."

"Traditions tell us where we have come from. Scripture itself is a better guide as to where we should now be going."

Rating: 6.5-7/10

Music by:

Chad Crouch


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Click here to buy your copy of "Scripture and the Authority of God" by N.T. Wright and be sure to tune in next episode for our review of "The Holiness of God" by R.C. Sproul.

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