"Spiritual Discipline" by Watchman Nee

June 20, 2019

On this episode of Too Many Books, we review "Spiritual Knowledge" by Watchman Nee a practical book about spiritual growth and development written by a Chinese preacher who died for his faith.


Notable Quotes:


"The closer one lives to God the more he knows his own weakness. He who receives more of God's light invariably sees more of his own corruption. The proud and the self-righteous have not seen the light of God."


"It is possible to be filled with Bible knowledge and at the same time be totally lacking in the light of God."


"Whenever we turn to look at ourselves we are immobilized and cannot advance; but if we look at the light of God, we shall unconsciously move ahead."


Rating: 8.5/10


Music by

Chad Crouch



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Click here to buy your copy of "Spiritual Knowledge" by Watchman Nee and click here to buy a copy of the next book we are reviewing "Preaching for the Rest of Us" by Robby Gallaty and Steven Smith.


Disclaimer: The Too Many Books podcast reviews material from a wide-range of authorship. Our reviews pertain only to the book we are reviewing and not the entirety of that authors work or personal beliefs. We urge caution when picking up any book that is not divinely inspired and strongly encourage you to evaluate anything you read by the standard of God's word. 





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