What Superhero Movies Can Teach Us About Preaching

I've been thinking a lot about a post from last week that a friend made about a teen's attention span when watching a 3 hour movie and listening to a 30 min. sermon. I'd like to hear your thoughts/observations as well. Aside from the "entertainment," "consumerism" and "They just don't want the truth" reasoning, why does a 3 hour movie hold the attention of teens (and adults as well) and a 30 minute sermon struggle to keep them engaged? For what it's worth, here are some of my initial thoughts: PREPARATION: Marvel puts an incredible amount of work to offer a superior product. Incredible amounts of time, money and the efforts of the industry's best to accomplish this. They do the best they can possibly do. STORY: They tell their story well. Progressively, creatively and emotionally. It mattered to them and they want it to matter to their audience. CHARACTERS: They focus on characters with whom the audience can relate. One Marvel executive is quoted as saying that this was of utmost importance. Offer someone for virtually everyone to relate to. HOPE: They offer hope! Perhaps the greatest appeal of this series is the hope they offer the "little guy", the mistreated, the hurting, the threatened; men, women of every kind and every condition. Even when one film ends with great tragedy, there is a sense of hope that is just around the corner. Heroes offer hope. There might be some lessons in there for us who regularly communicate the good news. What do you think? Comment below with your thoughts!

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