"Your Future Self Will Thank You" by Drew Dyck

On this week's episode of the Too Many Books podcast, we review a book on growth and becoming a better you. Listen to review here and tune in in a couple weeks for our new episode. Your future self will thank you.

Notable Quotes:

"If habits are truly that powerful, the key to living a holy life isn't simply to out-battle temptation at every turn. It's to build righteous patterns into your life."

"Perhaps truly communing with our heavenly Father involves letting Him pull our toys from our hands long enough to hear Him again."

"Sin doesn't start big and scary. It's like a lion cub; at first it's cute and cuddly. But keep it around and feed it and one day it will overpower you."

Rating: 8/10

Music by:

Chad Crouch


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Click here to buy your copy of "Your Future Self Will Thank You" and click here to buy a copy of the next book we are reviewing "Evil and the Justice of God" by N.T. Wright.

Disclaimer: The Too Many Books podcast reviews material from a wide-range of authorship. Our reviews pertain only to the book we are reviewing and not the entirety of that authors work or personal beliefs. We urge caution when picking up any book that is not divinely inspired and strongly encourage you to evaluate anything you read by the standard of God's word.

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