"Gay Girl, Good God" by Jackie Hill Perry

On this episode of Too Many Books we review "Gay Girl, Good God" the story of one woman's journey to find God amid a lifestyle that kept Him hidden.

Notable Quotes:

"Same-sex desires are actual. Though born of sin, they aren't an imaginary feeling one conjures up for the sake of being different. But the actuality of the affection doesn't make them morally justifiable. It is the mind, when conformed to the image of sin, that moves us to call evil good simply because it feels good to us."

"It [Christianity] seemed to be a religion of just duty. I'd met so many disciples who preached more of sin than joy, whose eyes were stuck in a constant state of solemnity, clenched teeth and an endless fascination of holiness. Why hadn't they ever mentioned the place happiness had within righteousness, or how the taking up of the cross would be a practice of obtaining delight?...In their defense they were not to blame for my unbelief. I just wonder if they would've told me about the beauty of God just as much, if not more, than they told me about the horridness of hell, if I would've burned my idols at a faster pace."

"...it wasn't the programs or the preaching that began to lift my distrust of the church. It was the woman who I knew would remember my name if I ever decided to come back."

Rating: 9/10

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Disclaimer: The Too Many Books podcast reviews material from a wide-range of authorship. Our reviews pertain only to the book we are reviewing and not the entirety of that authors work or personal beliefs. We urge caution when picking up any book that is not divinely inspired and strongly encourage you to evaluate anything you read by the standard of God's word.

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