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"Pagan Christianity" by Frank Viola and George Barna

September 25, 2018

On this episode of Too Many Books we review Pagan Christianity by Frank Viola and George Barna. Join us as we discuss our likes and dislikes, whether we agreed with the statements that were made, and whether or not you should run out and buy this book, or keep it off your shelf.


Notable Quotes


"Strikingly, contemporary church thought and practice have been influenced far more by postbiblical historical events than by New Testament imperatives and examples.”


“Does it really matter how we practice our faith, as long as the activities enable people to love God and obey Him? The preponderance of evidence shows that these perspectives, rules, traditions, expectations, assumptions, and practices often hinder the development of our faith. In other instances, they serve as barriers that keep us from encountering the living God. The way in which we practice our faith can, indeed, affect the faith itself.”


“Our goal is to be true to His plan so that we may become the people He desires us to be and that the church may be all she is called to be.”


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Rating: 6.5/10


Intro and Outro Song
"Coin-op" by Chad Crouch




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