No, April Fool's Day Isn't a Holiday for Atheists

I hesitate to write this article since it’s so closely related in theme to the last one I published, but I knew that ultimately the deluge of Atheist April Fool’s Day holidays memes would leave me wishing that I had said something.

April Fool’s Day is NOT a holiday for atheists.

“Of course it’s not!” you’re probably thinking to yourself right now, followed by some combination of the words “who in the world thinks April Fool’s Day IS a holiday for atheists?” Well, no one, at least as far as I know, but that hasn’t stopped Christians from sharing posts to the contrary annually on April Fool’s Day.

The posting of course is meant in jest and is based off of a verse that is repeated twice in the Bible:

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” (Ps. 14:1; 53:1)

This has to be talking about atheists right? Wrong. This is not a passage about those who deny God’s existence, but about humanity as a whole. David writes these words just following his statement above “there is none who do good.” As the chapters continue, David gives us a picture of God looking down on earth to see if His creation is searching after Him, but they aren’t (53:2-3). Instead these people are living as if God doesn’t exist and are choosing to follow after their own desires resulting in punishment from God (53:4-5), and a hopeful David calling for a return of God’s people to Him (53:6).

When one reads through the chapters where this phrase is written it’s clear to see that this isn’t a verse for those who say “God doesn’t exist”, but for those who know He exists and act as if He does not. While this is true of atheists, it’s the people of God here that David has in mind.

God desires that those of us who know Him, would act like it, especially in our online interactions. Before you post on April Fool’s Day, or any other day for that matter, consider the impact your words may have on those that do not believe. Ask yourself whether people will be drawn towards Christ or pushed away by the sharing of a post. How foolish it would be to take a tool we can use to show Jesus to the world, and use it to push them further away from Him.

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