Christians, Roy Moore, and the Lesser of Two Evils

As I write this, Roy Moore is currently winning the election for the Alabama Senate seat by a margin of 9-12%. How is this man, who has recently been accused by multiple women of sexual harassment (including one woman who said she was harassed at the age of 14), winning by such a margin? Christian Evangelicals.

According to these voting statistics, 81% of those who identified themselves as “white born-again Christians” voted for a man accused of several counts of sexual assault and harassment. Before you write this post off stating that these allegations are unconfirmed, I encourage you to watch a couple minutes of the video embedded below (from 1:38 to 2:54).

How do you think non-Christians, on the outside looking in, feel about justifications like these? What picture of Christianity do the words of these individuals paint in the eyes of those who do not know Christ? What does this do to our influence?

How do you think Christians are viewed when they vote for someone accused of sexual assault of a minor, because the other guy supports abortion? Is there a difference between abortion and sexual abuse? Yes, but both run counter to the teachings of Christ and therefore should be opposed by Christians. This is the problem with choosing the “lesser of two evils.” We choose the evil we deem lesser in an effort to gain legislative influence, and we’re doing it all at the cost of losing our influence with the non-Christians in our community.

We wonder why more people aren’t interested in coming to Jesus. Make no mistake, people want nothing to do with Jesus because the people who wear His name are horrible spokespeople more than willing to abandon Jesus’ principles in the interest of political power.

Christians, it’s past time we evaluate the “vote for the lesser of two evils” mentality. It’s time we stop compromising and justifying sinful actions because we can’t stand to see the other party win. It’s time that we stopped depending on the government to spread Christianity and started doing it ourselves by refusing to abandon the teachings of Jesus, even if that means that “your guy” loses.

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